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Women wearing men’s watches might be just the latest step in the feminist invasion – but we’re OK with that. The women of today ​appreciate the easy legibility of the larger watches and the bolder designs often found in men’s watches. By wearing a men’s watch, a woman often feels like she is making a statement, saying she is just as bold as a man.

​Here are the top 6 men’s watches popular with the ladies : ​

Victoria Bekham wearing the Rolex Daytona Men’s Watch

Many women, including female celebrities such as Victoria Bekham,​ Ellen Degeneres and Jennifer Anniston have been spotted wearing a the classic men’s Rolex Daytona watch. This model appeals to women because it has a detailed design that is not too loud.

Heidi Klum wearing the Panerai Radiomir 
If a woman is looking for a classy watch with a bold design, the Panerai Radiomir is a great choice. Heidi Klum, Stana Katic, and many other female celebrities sport the Panerai Radiomir.
Ellen Degener wearing the Patek Philippe Nautilus
Some women, like Ellen Degeneres​ prefer a more understated watch with no flash and no diamonds and a 40mm ​dial ​watch, rather than a 32mm watch. For these women, the men’s Patek Philippe Nautilus will have a stronger appeal than the women’s Nautilus.
Olivia Plaermo / Serena Williams wearing the Audermer’s Piguet ​
​The Audermer’s Piguet Royal Oak is ​one of the rare models from the line that re-imagined “sporty” men’s watches with it’s octagonal case shape, substantial link bracelet, a​n​d grande tapisserie dial t​hat is versatile enough in terms of size for women.
Rihanna sporting the 18K-gold Piaget Polo watch with a 38-mm case
In Rihanna’s chart-topping video Take a Bow , the stunning Barbadian is spotted wearing the 18K-gold Piaget Polo watch with a 38-mm case erektil dysfunktion läkemedel.  The men’s luxury watch has become the definitive accessory for asserting wealth and independence. Piaget now classifies its timepieces by size rather than gender to reflect how blurred the line between men’s and women’s styles has become.

Diane Kruger wearing the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso
Jaeger-LeCoultre ambassadress and face of the brand’s advertising campaign, Diane Kruger wears the iconic watch of the Manufacture, the Reverso​, one of their most remarkable watches ​that suit both men and women!

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