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Good news, ladies! You no longer need an excuse to buy your dream bag, experts have said that luxury handbags can be a much better investment than the stock market.

Whether you’re looking for the highest resale value or just ready to check off a dream from your bucket list, the below five brands should be your go-to that’ll hold at least 85 percent of its value if you choose to resell!


Hermès bags are distributed to the boutiques on unpredictable schedules and in limited quantities, creating artificial scarcity and exclusivity. The record-breaking Birkin, is extremely stable in price and will even earn you money over time. At this moment, most Birkins sell for far above their retail price.

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Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is in the top 5 bags with the best resale value. It really doesn’t matter if you’re selling the Monogram or Damier version, this versatile bag remains popular and timeless! Louis Vuitton classics are always a good choice and they sell FAST!

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Chanel’s iconic Flap Bag has increased in value ever since it’s inception, these constantly rising prices make it easy to resell the bag for the same price or in some cases even more.

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Cartier love bracelets are the item of choice because of its classic charm that simply never goes out of style.The Love collection by Cartier, available since the 1970s, shows the iconic symbol of love and romance. Due to their classic and timeless charm, the bracelets and rings are in heavy demand all over the world.

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Rolex has a wonderful heritage, including an impressive list of celebrities and VIPs that wear and have worn Rolex watches, has a high level of recognition, and is widely available. It seems that the right mixture of these ingredients make most Rolex watches increase in value over time.

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The safest pieces is to invest in are the classic styles and shapes that are already proven, because they stand the test of time and will always be in demand!

Picture Credit: www.kayture.com, agirlastyle.com, afamilycdn.com, afamilycdn.com

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