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Louis Vuitton Classics

A classic is a design or style created hundreds of years ago and can still look modern! This is certainly the case for any Louis Vuitton vintage bag. Their classic lines and incredible durability make them the most sought after vintage pieces around the world!

Here are some of the most popular designs that are still valued by vintage hunters everywhere. No matter what your needs, Louis Vuitton has a bag for you!

  1. The Keepall

The Keepall was primarily designed for travel. It features an ID tag and comes in 3 sizes. The Keepall is a classicfrom the  Louis Vuitton travel bag collection, The Keepall 55 is the perfect bag for a weekend getaway or an extended stay as its spacious, versatile, and durable.

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2. The Speedy

The Speedy was created as a miniature of the Keepall. ​Among all the Louis Vuitton’s lineup of classics and famous bags, the Speedy is the most famous of all, with a shape adapted from the brand’s long-running Keepall bags for everyday use.

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3. The Noé 

The Noé is the bucket bag and​ was created in 1932 when a French Champagne producer asked Louis Vuitton to create a bag that could transport five bottles of its product. As it turns out, the design has proved useful for carrying tons of other stuff, which has turned the Noé into one of the brand’s enduring classics for deca​d​es.

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4. The Alma

The Alma debuted in the 1930s and is still around in a variety of sizes, colour​s, fabrications and limited editions ​today. The Alma is one of LV’s oldest iconic bags – known for its recognisable elegance and wearability.

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5. The Lockit

Designed as part of their light luggage line, the Louis Vuitton Lockit first debuted in 1958 and has been redesigned twice since then, first in 2006 and then again in 2014.

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6. The Deauville

Originally designed as vanity case, the Deauville features pockets and four elastic holders to keep cosmetics organised.  It also features a leather ID tag and is designed as the perfect ladies weekend bag!

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7. The Neverfull

​T​he Louis Vuitton Neverfull introduced in 2007 ​has become one of its all time best-selling, most-coveted bags for its wearability, craftsmanship and beauty. The structure and volume makes it the perfect carry-all for any occasion bag​.

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Picture Courtesy : shopify.com, designer-vintage.com, blogspot.com, lovethatbag.ca,

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